Health is wealth

Sualeha Akhtar

Health is wealth is a common proverb that we hear most in our life. It’s true health is very important for all of us. But health care situation in Pakistan is really deplorable. The reason may be poverty or lack of guidance. The situation of government hospitals is very poor. They treated patients as if they are animals. And in government hospitals patients have to face problems because majority of the hospitals do not even have basic facilities. In government hospitals doctors are rarely available and medicines are not available at time of its need. And in private hospitals doctors or basic facilities are available but their fees is so high that poor people can’t afford it. And some people due to lack of guidance go to hakeems for treatment. They are not educated so how can they treat people in way that doctor do. Poverty is also a big problem of bad health situation in a country. Because those who have no money for food how can they fight against their diseases? And due to which people suffer from very bad diseases due to malnutrition. The biggest example of malnutrition is Thar. Another problem is that people use medicines without doctors’ advice. It is not good to take medicines without doctors. It’s purely government’s responsibility to provide better and good health cover to its citizens. A proper health budget should be made and there should be proper checking of hospitals and all the hakeems should be banned that are in every street of the cities.
— Karachi

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