Health is not a priority

Khurram Iqbal

Health and education are the most vulnerable areas of our society, which have never been the priority of any government. The focus of every government and in particular this government hovers around constructing motorways, roads and metros yet such big projects are not going to address the grievances of the people at all. Take for example Mandi Bahauddin, one of the important cities of Pubjab, having high literacy rate and a chunk of bureaucrats and judges come from this city every year. It has around 1.8m population, however the health facilities in this city have reached to the lowest ebb.
There is no service of ICU, CCU and MRI service. No specialist doctors are available here. The DHQ and THQs of the city present a very dismal picture. Everyday many patients go to Lahore for better treatment. It looks as if the most educated district of Punjab is the most ignored district by the government as far as healthcare is concerned.
A couple of weeks back, at DHQ of this city Dr. Mujahid Mughal, Medical Specialist and consultant physician was mishandled by some lawyers and district administration didn’t bother to do anything against these lawyers and eventually Dr. Mujhahid rendered his resignation. He was a hope for the patient of that area but now that hope has also been snatched away. The CM Punjab is requested to take notice of the appalling health issues being faced by the people of this district.
—Via email

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