Health and justice

Hashim Abro

Healthcare and access to justice conditions in this country of ours are indeed pitiable. Hospitals in my home Province of Sindh, in particularly in the upper and lower regions are not only among the worst in this country but also in the world. Many doctors especially doctors of Family Planning Programme, paramedical staff and others never come to attend the hospital/office; they practice in their private clinics and come only to collect their salary at the end of the month. Often there are no medicines and no electricity in, more or less, all hospitals and dispensaries in the entire Province. A few hospitals have been donated solar panels for electricity by the humanity-caring international donors but these hospitals have neither necessary resources nor skilled manpower to install those donated solar panels. People of all age groups and gender die premature death in Sindh because of the worst conditions of the hospitals and hellish situation created by non-availability of electricity. Likewise, district judiciary courts and other offices related to justice delivery in the Province are facing the worst situation because electricity is supplied to them only one hour, somewhere after a load shedding of two hours and also in some districts, only after a load shedding of three hours. Judges, law officers, attorneys, court personnel and justice seekers, among others, keep on perspiring in the sizzling heat in the Province. Facilitating access to quality health delivery services and access to inexpensive and expeditious justice is not the priority of our rulers, bureaucrats and technocrats in this country. They come, only to rule, loot and plunder and for their own treatment they fly abroad and for justice they never bother to go to our courts but their highly paid advocates. So why should they be concerned about good healthcare of our people, and dispensation of speedy justice for them?

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