LAHORE: The education and health stocktake meeting chaired by Chief Minister Punjab through video link was held on Thursday by the Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (SMU). British educationist Sir Michael Barber briefed about the progress made during the recent years in the meeting.

Barber praised Shehbaz for attending over 50 stocktake meetings during last few years and gave his warm wishes for the speedy recovery of Chief Minister of Punjab who is in London for his medical examination.

In the meeting, Sir Michael Barber took his time to discuss the education reforms. Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif was briefed that the education landscape of the province had transformed. 1.6 million children were in public schools since 2012, and a total of 122 per cent of budget has been elevated for education since 2012.

Barber said that, “350,000 students were receiving special scholarships from the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) and the department of education had reconstructed 7,400 dangerous buildings of schools.
The initiative of education reforms roadmap helped in the tracking of 11.4 million students in real-time throughout Punjab.
He showed reports of Alif Ailaan and The Economist so as to show that the world is realizing how fast governnent of Punjab has been in achieving its target.

Talking about the health reforms, Barber briefed that over a million children were being protected against chronicle disease like measles, establishment of basic health units (BHUs) had increased from 70 to 1000 since 2014. The next few targets are to increase skilled birth attendance and improve the malnutrition treatment mark.

Punjab chief minister felicitated and admired the team for fulfilling his vision. He expressed satisfaction over concluding his five-year tenure on good notes. He however, expressed that there was still a long way to go for the better provision of healthcare and education.

Many prominent educationists, journalists, politicians and senior officials were among the participants in the meeting. Michael Barber gave his concluding remarks by expressing his opinion about the Chief Minister’s persona and how he enjoyed his time in Pakistan the most even after working in 20 different countries.

In the three hours long meeting, Chief Minister Punjab took his time to listen to the presentation as well as reply to the questions of journalists. He made sure that all the officials were present there and had contributed to the meeting.

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