Haze around elections

AMIR Jamaat-i-Islami Sirajul Haq has expressed scepticism about elections and democracy in view of prevailing political situation in the country. Talking to newsmen at JI headquarters in Lahore, he said there is haze around timely elections in 2018and people are worried about future of democracy as there are rumours about technocrat or national government. He, however, warned that derailing of democracy would not be in the interest of the country and solution of the crisis lies in holding elections on time.
What JI chief said is the sum total of prevailing mess in the country and he amply warned about consequences of thwarting democracy by not holding elections on time. Similar apprehensions have also repeatedly been expressed by JUI (F) leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman besides several other political leaders and analysts. However, strangely enough, it is the negative attitude of politicians and political parties that are directly or indirectly responsible for prevailing uncertainty in the country about holding elections on time and strengthening democracy and Parliament. Parliamentarians these days, who were elected by the people to legislate and speak for them from the highest democratic forum, are more interested in greener pastures than attending the sessions of the National Assembly and the Senate. Their disinterest has undermined credibility of both houses of Parliament especially in the backdrop of inability of the upper house to take up for approval the much-talked-about amendment in the Constitution relating to delimitation of constituencies, which is a must before the next general election. PPP, which claims to be party of the federation, has adopted the course of blackmailing on the issue as it is blocking passage of the bill in the Senate after participating in drafting the legislation and voting in its favour in the National Assembly. Again, PTI, PAT, PML (Q), Awami Muslim League, and some of the newly formed religio-political parties are on the rampage to destabilise the government and ruin the prospects of stability before elections. Whose interests these parties are serving by striking at the very roots of democracy? We believe that mere statements would not resolve the crisis and political leaders and parties will have to take practical steps to steer the country out of prevailing chaotic conditions. We are a nuclear power but our internal infighting has deprived the country of any opportunity to play its due role in addressing the challenges and threats confronting the Muslim Ummah these days. We must put our own house in order without any further delay.

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