Hazards of early marriage

Wajahat Abro
Shikarpur, Sindh

Marriage is a custom in practice since creation of man. It is performed differently by different people. Marriage is a Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), thus mandatory for all of us to do so. It brings happiness to families. However, such a beautiful period of life can also turn into despicable for a couple in case of early marriage which is, unfortunately, the most highlighted issue in Pakistan, especially in rural Pakistan. Most of the NGOs and other Human Rights reports categorically expose that women only aged 12 to 13 are married in rural areas. Furthermore, there are many social, economical, educational, physical and religious impacts associated with early marriage. Under-age couples can’t make mature and prudent decisions concerning their life. However, one major impact of early marriage is that it leads to discontinuation of education of the couple or any one of the two. Education enlightens the value of human life. It is education which enables couples to understand each other better. Not only this, family problems usually take place that cannot be solved easily in terms of early marriage. It makes a woman to be mentally and physically ill-minded that can lead her towards the dark episode of life such as they can’t go to colleges or universities. Simultaneously, the very crucial issue of an early married woman is pregnancy problem. In these circumstances, a heavy responsibility lies also on media to generate awareness about the hazards of early marriage. Media, which is over-politicised, must organize talk shows in this regard. Doctors and researchers should be invited to such shows to educate the people. It is time for govt to provide some platform in rural areas to make people aware of hazards of early marriage. Laws on early marriage must be strengthened. NGOs are actively involved in many fields but they ought to work on the issue of early marriage on a priority basis.

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