Hazara receives rain, snowfall

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


The adjoining parts of the district, Abbottabad known as Nathiagali, Thandiani, Meera Jani, Changla Gali and Beran Gali received one and half feet snow last night while the lower parts of district received rainfall for three consecutive days due to which the residents were confined inside of their homes on Sunday.
The road leading to hilly areas were blocked from various places due to landslides, thus it has created hardness especially for the tourists to visit their desired destination, later to stay at their choice hotels. Various mud houses fallen to ground to compel inmates to shift themselves to their substitute residences.
However, the top tourists summer resorts of Pakistan included Kaghan, Naraan situated in northern areas blockaded due to landslides and heavy snow, thus the tourists were compelled to cancel their programme to visit such area when the sky was fully covered with deep clouds to bring more shower and snow in the area.
Various hilly area residents informed that shortage of food was one of main obstacle on the way of residents on account of which no one could dare to travel unto nearby city Abbottabad to buy edibles together with essential commodities of food for the sake of their children together with remaining family members to them. The C&W department cannot perform its duties to clear roads because of expected more rainfall and snow.
Moreover, the roads and streets of the city were extremely muddy and slippery due to longest unbreakable duration of rainfall. The fruit shops were full of fruit but lacking customer disabled them to put their stuff on sale. The business centres together with various plazas were usually opened but no customer found around them.

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