Hats off to Sohail Aman

CHIEF of Air Staff , Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, retiring tomorrow (March 18, 2018) on completion of 3-year term, would always be remembered as one of the most successful and dynamic leaders of PAF. It is because of his tremendous contribution to the cause of PAF as well as defence of the motherland that his colleagues as well as people of Pakistan are bidding him farewell with a heavy heart.
It is significant to note that the outgoing Air Chief commanded PAF during period when the country faced both internal and external threats and the role played by his force in mitigating these threats and challenges is monumental. He had a clear vision of air defence and despite limited resources and other constraints, ACM Sohail Aman succeeded in setting a clear direction. It was because of his commitment, sincerity of purpose and unwavering faith in Allah Almighty that the PAF achieved remarkable success in the war against terror. In Afghanistan, a number of countries with sophisticated air power could not make a difference but PAF under the leadership of Aman decimated terrorist network and that too without any collateral damage. As for threats emanating from the East, he rebuffed Indian claims of surgical strikes and sent an unequivocal message to the enemy that PAF was ready and capable of countering any misadventure. Knowledgeable circles know it fully well, how PAF worked hard and exercised extreme vigil to thwart Indian designs during this period. He also saved millions of dollars by focusing on indigenisation and one such example is the damage caused by terrorist attack to a SAB plane at Kamra. An international organisation wanted $287 million for repairs but Pakistan’s bright, young scientists and engineers carried out the repair work at a fraction of the cost. His focus on modernisation, training and morale boosting has made PAF fully ready to face any conventional or non-conventional challenge.

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