Hats off to Sialkot businessmen

EXPANSION of Sialkot airport and its successful operation is indeed a glowing tribute to exemplary conduct of the business community of this city. Inaugurating its new international terminal on Monday, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi appreciated the fact that the airport is the first successful Greenfield airport of the world and it has helped promote business activity in the region.
In view of the role that Sialkot has in export promotion, the city needed an airport and credit goes to its dynamic business leadership that took the initiative and established the airport on a self-help basis, motivating others to replicate the good example set by them. It was satisfying to hear from the Prime Minister that businessmen of Faisalabad too have expressed their desire to build an airport on self-help basis and that government would provide them necessary assistance in realisation of the plan. There can be no two opinions that different regions of the country need infrastructure projects and government is trying its best to transform entire landscape of the country by building highways, motorways, inter-changes, airports and ports. However, it is also a fact that government, faced with financial constrains, has its own priority keeping in mind the overall developmental needs of different areas and various sectors. The unique example set by business community of Sialkot is manifestation of the fact that much can be done on self-help basis. Industrialists of Sialkot are not only managing the airport but they have also contributed a lot in changing the overall shape of the city, which now presents a beautiful look and is considered to be one of the clean cities of the country. We hope that businessmen in neighbouring Gujranwala, Gujrat and Kala Shah Kaku would also follow this example in improving civic conditions of their areas. They are earning hugely from their ventures and they owe to the local areas and communities by ways of investing in infrastructure development, environment protection, sanitation, connectivity, clean drinking water and establishment of quality educational and health facilities. We are confident that things in the entire country can change if companies and entrepreneurs fulfil their responsibilities towards local communities.

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