Hats off to reporters

Newspaper journalists, also known as reporters, investigate and write stories for local, regional and national newspapers. To become a newspaper journalist one needs to have an investigative mind and should have a flair for research. As a newspaper journalist, your work would typically include investigating a story as soon as it breaks out following up potential leads, developing new contacts, interviewing people, both face-to-face and over the phone, attending press conferences, recording meetings and interviews, using recording equipment or writing in shorthand, coming up with ideas for new stories and features and writing articles in a style that will appeal to the intended audience
News reporters are doing a marvellous job by providing us with news from all over the world. They even put their life in danger just to provide us information. But unfortunately, the journalists who give their everything for us, are not well behaved. I really appreciate the journalists and their passionate job that despite being assaulted many times, they don’t give up and perform their duties amicably.
Mumbai, India

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