Hassan released, returns home after settlement with SC judge

Pir Naqib’s repute as spiritual leader rescues son from trouble

Zubair Qureshi

Pir Hassan Habib-ur-Rehman son of the spiritual leader of Pindi’s Eidgah Sharif, Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman has returned home after spending five days in lock up. He was among the six persons arrested and put behind bars for harassing a Supreme Court judge and his family at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway on May 29, 2017. He was released on Saturday after reaching an agreement with the judge and after tendering a written undertaking. Hassan along with his guards had exchanged harsh words with the family of Justice Sardar Tariq Masood after a minor collision of their vehicles. Police in Hafizabad District of Punjab on the complaint of the judge taking swift action nabbed Pir Hassan and his five guards and put them behind the bars.
According to the FIR lodged in Kaleki Mandi Police Station of Hafizabad district, the SC judge was travelling from Lahore to Islamabad along with his family when the spiritual leader and his guards intercepted their vehicle and threatened them. The judge’s car was also damaged by the spiritual leader’s guards.
Meanwhile, upon arrival at the Eidgah Sharif, a large number of devotees and followers of the Edigah Sharif received him and expressed their joy at his release. Pir Naqib himself received his son. It may be mentioned that Pir Hassan is the same boy whose marriage last year was talk of the town and reportedly millions of rupees were spent on the lavish wedding party, dresses and arrangements. The Mughal style wedding party was also criticized by many and questions were asked if it suited a religious and spiritual figure to waste money like a godfather.
Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman is among the few influential religious figures of the city and commands quite a good number of followers. It was in the days of Pervez Musharraf when Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman’s name started appearing in media for the first time and people came to realize his influence and connections with those in the corridors of power. Since then Pir Sahab’s influence and repute saw an upward trend except the May 29 incident. He is considered an integral part of the City’s elite and you cannot imagine a seminar on religious or social issue without him. Pir Naqib’s “Khalifas” (managers) are actively running his image building campaign and regularly feeds newspapers with pictures and statements of the Pir Naqib to be published in next day edition. Pir Naqib is also known for taking along a large number of pilgrims to Umrah each year. It is now almost a craze among the residents of Rawalpindi to be part of the caravan of Pir Naqib. “Pir Naqib’s managers provide excellent facilities of residence, travelling, and all kinds of guidance during Umrah. This is why most of the people in Pindi prefer to be part of his convoy,” said Nasib-ur-Rehman a resident of Rawalpindi who has recently performed Umrah in company with Pir Naqib’s devotees. According to sources the amicable settlement and release of his son within five days of the incident has saved Pir Naqib’s repute as a genuine, gentlemanly figure or in case of defiance things could go well out of control of the noble Pir of the city.

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