Hasina’s crazy vengeance continues

THERE is no let-up in what could be called a mad vengeance of Bangladesh’s PM Hasina Wajid. The surprising factor is that judiciary and other institutions are also supporting Hasina in sheer political victimisation of her opponents trampling justice and fair play thus tearing apart the very fabric of Bangladeshi society in the process.
Jamat-i-Islami is bearing the brunt of the political vendetta unleashed by Hasina since her questionable installation as the PM for third time. The latest victim was Mir Quasem Ali who was hanged on Saturday after being convicted by the so-called war crimes tribunal. Apart from Jamat leader, Ali was a celebrated philanthropist, a very successful businessman and contributed immensely to create free media and also helping vulnerable people, especially refugees. Execution of such an humanitarian figure is indeed a collective loss for the Bangladeshi society. Country’s political analysts are also admitting that Hasina-led government has become so authoritarian that they abhor any opposition activism at all whether it is by Jamat or any other party. As there are no signs that Hasina would stop elimination of her opponents, we urge the international community especially the UN to take notice of these executions of Jamat-i-Islami leaders and take steps to get these stopped. All Muslim countries also need to adopt a strong stance and build pressure on Bangladeshi government to stop spilling of more blood of Jamat and other political leaders.

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