Hasina Wajid hangs another JI leader

HASINA Wajid led Bangladesh government continues to hang back to back the top leadership of Jamaat-i-Islami with the support of judiciary- the act being condemned in the world community as judicial and political murders. Wajid in fact is on a personal vendetta against those who had opposed her father’s secessionist movement aided and abetted by India.
In the latest unfortunate act, Jamaat-i-Islami leader Motiur Rehman Nizami was hanged after the country’s highest court published the final judgment upholding the execution decision. Nizami is the fifth and highest-ranked opposition leader -and the fourth from Jamaat- to have been executed since December 2013. There is no justification of this sheer victimisation and execution of Jamaat-i-Islami leaders as in 1971, contrary to those playing in the hands of India; these leaders were only expressing their loyalty and solidarity with their homeland when there was no name of Bangladesh on the world map. Instead of forgetting bitterness of the past, Hasina Wajid continues to maintain an anti-Pakistan posture with sinister designs of expressing animosity, antagonism and unrestrained emotional flare up and more surprisingly she is also being supported in his acts by judiciary and the media. Her animosity could also be judged from the statement that Bangladesh has no room for the people loving Pakistan. Instead of taking the country forward, the Bangladeshi PM is not ready to shed the 1971 phobia. This is a depressing situation and not augurs well for the country which had witnessed upward trajectory on economic front during the era of Khalida Zia who introduced wide ranging economic reforms and entrepreneurial culture which saw the country capturing a major portion in world’s garment market. Despite Hasina’s animosity, the people of Pakistan feel special affection for their Bangladeshi brothers and want them to come out of current turmoil created by confrontationist approach. It would be better for the incumbent Bangladeshi PM to shun the path of confrontation and persecution as it would only trigger chaos and anarchy and not help the country move forward.

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