Hashmi keeping media abuzz

Javaid Bashir

Senior politician is keeping media abuzz with his fabricated stories about conspiracy hatched by PTI leadership during 2014 Dharna in Islamabad. He was Senior Vice-Chairman of the Party at the time. He has remained political maverick throughout his political life. He remained Federal Minister during General Zia’s Regime, though later apologized for this blunder. He is a turn-coat and makes false claims for standing against dictatorial rule and defying martial law.
He is no revolutionary but an opportunist. But I wonder what he wants to gain from this publicity. He has levelled serious charges against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. He is certainly jealous of Khan’s popular appeal among the masses. He stabbed the Party and its leadership at a critical time. He certainly wants publicity and remains in the news. His rhetoric and allegations against judiciary and military top brass are uncalled for. He is defaming Senior Generals and Judges of the Superior Judiciary by his loose talk.
Without going into credence or falsehood of his narrative, I would ask the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a Suo Moto Notice of Hashmi’s allegations and set up a Judicial Inquiry to get to the truth and real story. A meaningful inquiry is needed to set the record straight. His statements make no sense at all except stirring the political pot. But the problem is that he is getting the desired publicity and attention of PML-N. This is an attempt to divert attention from the Panama Leaks Case. All the media outlets are abuzz with this story giving him undue importance. His narrative is selling like hot cakes. Hashmi’s mental state is quite brittle. He is not presenting the facts with clarity and supported by any credible and concrete evidence. It is all hearsay and conjectural loosely-knit narrative.

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