Haroonabad, Swabi turn into battlefields


Dharna march to Islamabad

Fake democracy being exposed: Imran

Tariq Saeed

Peshawar—The Punjab Police Monday afternoon resorted to severe tear gas shelling on the convoy of Chief Minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa who was leading a large number of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf activists to Islamabad, leaving dozens injured while several others fainted.
The area around Motorway exchanges at Swabi and Haroonabad literally wore the scene of a battlefield when PTI’s charged activists tried to over-run more than a dozen containers parked by the federal government to stop them reaching Is-lamabad on the call of party chief Imran Khan to participate in the Dharna scheduled for November 2.
The police fired numerous tear gas shells and later also resorted to Rubber bullets on PTI ac-tivists who managed to cross into Punjab by re-moving containers first at Swabi and then at Haroonabad interchange.
Amid rumours of Fed-eral government discussing the imposition of Governor’s rule in Khy-ber Pukhtunkhwa with the Governor KP Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, who has been summoned to Islamabad, the Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak rapped the Nawaz-led federal government for resorting to unconstitutional and il-legal steps and cutting down Khyber Pukhtunk-hwa from rest of the country.
“It is most unfortunate that the link of a federat-ing unit with the rest of the country has been cut only to deny us our con-stitutional right to protest and entry to federal capi-tal; the Punjab Police acted the way the Indian forces brutally run over innocent Kashmiris
Khattak told charged pro-testors at Swabi inter-change such steps on part of the Nawaz government were destined to bear dis-astrous consequences.
“I warn them that the federal government, spe-cially the Interior Minis-ter Chaudhry Nisar, to mend their ways and stop resorting to worst dictato-rial steps as the PTI movement initiated against the corruption of Nawaz Sharif family can never be stopped.”
CM Khattak said and maintained that Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and the constitution of Pakistan were attacked by the Fed-eral Government and Government of Punjab. He said he wonders as to what message the Sharif brothers and Chaudhry Nisar were giving to the nation by ruining over the country’s constitution.
“The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf believes in peace-ful protest and struggle and was not willing to engage in a dispute with the government but if they tried to stop us, I warn them they would see a strong reaction from us,” said Khattak.
Earlier, when thousands of charged activists led by Pervez Khattak and other top leadership of the PTI reached near Haroonabad Motorway interchange, around 20 containers were placed in three lanes. Huge piles of sand were also placed on the way to prevent PTI work-ers from continuing their journey to Islamabad.
However, when they tried to overturn the con-tainers the Police from the Punjab side of the provincial border started firing tear gas shells which led to injuries and fainting of more than 20 PTI workers.
Khattak and his cabinet ministers and party lead-ers were also badly af-fected by the tear gas. Be-sides, many members of the large media squad covering the event were also hit by the teargas. Several tear gas shells landed near the vehicle of CM Khattak and on his protocol cars. A few men in uniform also reportedly sustained minor injuries during scuffle with the protestors.
The PTI activists who also resorted to pelting stones also using sling-shots after heavy gas shelling, after several at-tempts managed to re-move a number of con-tainers with the help of cranes and excavators ac-companying them and forced their way to Pun-jab after four hours at about seven in the eve-ning where heavy contin-gent of Frontier Con-stabulary (FC) and police has taken positions with prison vans. The charged activists also resorted to putting on fire bushes alongside the Motorway and set ablaze a vehicle and CNG cylin-der which exploded and a huge fire engulfed seven more vehicles.
According to details, the authorities have blocked all roads linking Islamabad to KP, Sindh and Punjab owing to Nov 2 sit-in by PTI.
Earlier, Islamabad-Peshawar motorway that was opened for one day has again been blocked again with containers and heaps of sand.
In addition, GT Road to Attock has also been blocked while Shahiya Bridge and Wah Garden Bridge had also been made no-entry points.
National Highway at Sadiqabad linking Sindh and Punjab, and Fais-alabad Motorway, G.T Road had also been blocked through contain-ers. Containers have been also been placed outside CM House in Model Town, Lahore.
On the other hand, the general public is ex-tremely annoyed with the closing down of Motor-way and G T Road at several points. Passengers that included women and kids had to travel miles on foot.
Meanwhile, Women supporters of PTI were al-legedly manhandled and shifted to police vans as they were detained on Monday for violating Section-144 that was im-posed last week for a pe-riod of two months. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has claimed that ’fake democracy’ is being ex-posed in front of the world.
Talking to media in Bani Gala, Imran said that PTI workers will continue to participate in Islama-bad ‘lockdown’ despite all the hurdles. Under which law, the govern-ment is apprehending people from their houses by breaking the doors,’ asked Imran Khan.
While referring to Prime Minister he said much more has to be done before 2018. He termed former president Pervez Musharraf’s dictatorship far better than today’s democracy.
“Sharif brothers are hypocrites as they say something and implement something else but Asif Ali Zardari was not trick-ster like them”, he added. PTI Chief alleged political leaders of destroying country’s departments and demanded the Su-preme Court to take suo moto notice of party workers arrests.
Meanwhile, a passion-ate supporter who came to have a glimpse of Im-ran Khan was assaulted by security guard.
Earlier, Khan said the police have him under virtual house arrest after the city banned public gatherings ahead of Wednesday’s planned protest and arrested scores of PTI workers. He dismissed claims that he wants the army to topple Sharif, as it did when Sharif was in power in the 1990s, and said the protests aim to hold the prime minister account-able for alleged corruption.

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