Harmful effects of smoking

Fizzah Yusuf Ansari

Currently, 17 EU countries have comprehensive smoke-free laws in place. Among these, Ireland, the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain and Hungary have the strictest smoke-free provisions with a complete ban on smoking in enclosed public places, on public transport and in workplaces with only limited exceptions allowed.
Addiction of smoking is spreading in our society like a cancer disease. It is a well-known fact that smoking is a bad habit causing a number of ill-effects. Smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. Smoking causes 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Adverse effects of smoking to health will usually appear late in life. Additionally, smoking is also injurious to those around us even though they are not smokers themselves.
I would appreciate media that they ban the advertisement on cigarettes. Media is most effective tool to give awareness to the young ones about the hazards of smoking. Although legislation is enforced not to sell cigarettes to underage but unfortunately implementation is missing.

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