Harmful effects of plastic bags

It is a common practice that when we buy something either food, clothes or drinks; the shopkeeper packs them for us in a shopper bag. This shopper bag is eventually thrown in the litter outside our homes which creates stacks of garbage. It is scientifically proven that even if couple of years pass, plastic bags do not degrade as other things. They cannot be dumped underground easily. What we have taken out a solution for this problem is that we burn these plastic bags due to which hundreds of chemicals mix in the air and pollute it. This air when inhaled, ultimately leads to a number of diseases, especially respiratory.
The meal eaten or heated in plastic bags causes certain cancers, ulcers, asthma and obesity to occur because certain chemicals of the plastic bags mix with the meal upon heating. They not only cause harm to our immune system but also put negative effects on brain. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using plastic bags without a strict need. We should fetch food items especially in paper bags. Plastic bags should immediately be banned by the government. There should be a proper dumping system for these bags to get rid of them. Burning of plastic bags should be strictly prohibited.

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