Hard times..!

VERY often do I hear that some friend of mine is going through a rough patch with business having collapsed or recession having hit his firm, even a loss of job. I do not try to sympathise or pity them but wait and watch. Some of them start hitting the bottle, some their wives. Some take every opportunity to talk to you about the good times gone by and some, of how they have been cheated by someone or other.
But there are a few, and by few I really mean a few who decide to fight back and fight back they do. In my early days as a salesman in my dad’s company, I spent a lot of time meeting customers at the MJ Market in Mumbai. These are not the dignified executives sitting in air conditioned cabins but hardcore traders sitting cross legged next to their bales of cloth, who haggle over every paisa.
I learnt later that into this same market a hardworking young man used to cycle with his back carrier packed with cloth which he tried to sell to the traders. That man was Dhirubhai Ambani. I am sure the late Dhirubhai had a tough time dealing with the cloth merchants but never for a moment did he give up his fight and worked hard to rise and become the richest man in India and among the richest in the world.
Hard times bring out tough people. George Fredrick Handel, famous and highly talented composer of music fell on such hard days. For forty years he had written stately music for the kings and queens of England. His fame spread far and wide.
But by 1741, he was a bent old man. Four years before, he had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, which had paralysed his right side, making it impossible for him to walk or write. He was in the pits of despondency. To add to his miseries the elite Kings Court Society turned against him. He was now aged sixty years and England was in the grip of a hard miserable winter. He felt old and helplessly tired.
One day, he hurried home, took his pen and started to write. It was not easy; his right hand was almost useless. But he carried on and his notes filled page after page. He worked nonstop for twenty four days, taking little rest, even less food. What he wrote was the ‘Messiah,” one of the most acclaimed compositions ever written. When it was finished, he collapsed on his bed and slept seventeen hours.
This tremendous masterpiece, one of the greatest ever composed, had the King of England standing up when it was first performed. If its hard times you are going through and the cry from your heart is; ‘my God why have you forsaken me,’ then remember He hasn’t. He’s just toughening you up, even if like Handel you are ‘old and hopelessly tired,’ because there’s a masterpiece waiting to happen, either a new job, your business, your family … The harder your days, the greater your masterpiece..!
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