Happy birthday Pakistan

Seventy-one years ago, August 14 marked the independence of a country from the oppressive British Raj. The entire world was inspired by the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Today on the 71th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, we wish we could have given something back to our leader. We are aware of what he expected from this nation. But we as a nation have let him down. We know we didn’t live up to his expectations and we understand that Pakistan today isn’t what he had envisaged it would be.
We haven’t found any leader like the Quaid in the past 71 years. We cannot reduce poverty, hunger and illiteracy. But we are still hopeful and continue to strive for a prosperous Pakistan. We know that Pakistan is facing difficulties in every sphere. But Pakistan will indeed see the dawn of resurrection. There will be a time when all problems will be resolved and there will be peace across the country. We should bring the change. We should take small steps to lead our nation towards a brighter future as it’s a new era for Pakistan new faces new leaders…….! We hope the best for new upcoming government that he defiantly doing something for only our nation progress and prosperity. Pakistan Zinadabad

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