Kajal Chatterjee

Shamsa Sajjad’s brilliant letter titled “Happiness”(March 1), reminds me the contents of a masterpiece Bengali movie which narrates the story of a lower middle class joint family whose members used to constantly quarrel with each other over petty trivial issues. The frustrated lot neither displayed any respect towards the elders nor love towards the kids. But the protagonist, a domestic worker, brought a drastic change in the mindset of the family. He impressed upon the mentally fatigued home-makers to enjoy their daily chores as each and every job has significance of its own and one needs to be sincere with the work he/she is allocated to or capable of.
Moreover, by performing all the domestic chores himself, thereby landing the family members to supreme boredom due to absence of work; he made them discover the enjoyment attached with performance of one’s own duties. By encouraging the kids to rise early, exercise, pray and resume studies; the protagonist inspired the elders to start the day in a positive note. He also instilled a spirit of sacrifice in the family which saw to it that members, who were earlier hostile towards each other, are now going out of their way to lend a helping hand to all.
Also, by staging a mock theft, he taught the family to remain little indifferent to materialistic desires. Thus if we lead a healthy and active life, remain honest and positive to our allotted duties, sacrifice a bit for larger interests of the family and society and hanker less after material possessions; the window of happiness will surely open up.
—Kolkata, India

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