Happiness begets happiness

As I was engaged in my work in Kolkata office, a senior citizen approached my table. His very appearance was suggesting his stark poverty and rural background. A short dirty dhoti casually wrapped with the upper body was sporting a half-torn shirt. A balding man with unshaved white beard, I asked him politely to sit down and came to know that he lives in a far corner of Bengal bordering Bangladesh. He had retired as a Group-D employee couple of years back. While in service, he had drawn a House Building advance from the Government. However his parent office had inadvertently deducted about Rs.5000/- excess from his salary in respect of interest even after its full recovery. However, it was not reimbursed to him prior to his retirement from service.
By checking the copies of various official correspondences furnished/received by him, I noticed that not a single department/office had advised him rightly where to approach for the said reimbursement. At last he has rightly arrived at our office from where the case would be sent to the Accountant General through my section. So I clearly explained to him what documents he needed to enclose along with his application and asked him to deposit it to me as early as possible.
As he stood up from the chair to return; humbly did he thank me by remarking that in his lifetime never had he received such respectful behaviour and cooperation from any official! Despite not gaining any increment or promotion for a job compassionately and dutifully done, my heart and spirit indeed lightened up thanks to his comment. Never did I realize that making somebody happy through sheer dignified behaviour can in turn land me also in such an equally happy state!
Kolkata, India

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