Hang culprits publicly

As a mother of two children myself, I join the large number of parents in general and mothers in particular who are shocked and demanding justice for Zainab everywhere. Through these few words, I endorse Ch Shujat Hussain’s quite practical and timely suggestion that the culprits who brutally molested Zainab inhumanly should be apprehended, tried by a special court summarily and hanged publicly in Kasur. He has cited the Pappoo case which occurred in Lahore during Ziaul Haq times and whose culprit was hanged publicly in Lahore and any more incidents like that had not happened for quite some time. This is also to ask the parents particularly the mothers to be more vigilant about their children as the criminals are roaming around with Satan like intentions everywhere. Men go out of houses on jobs and mothers are left behind to look after the house as well as the children. Mohallah Committees can also be formed for watch and ward purposes to keep an eye on the suspected elements round the clock People also have to supplement efforts of police to be watchful and vigilant and alert about the suspected criminal elements in their areas and ensure safety and security of their children, Special courts like the army courts, as suggested by the veteran political leader, can only be established through legislation by Parliament and the Federal Government should do the needful in this respect quickly on a priority basis brushing aside the fact that this good suggestion has come from an opposition leader.

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