Handmade crafts, home-cooked food all for you but only on off-days


Nomad Sunday Market

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Every year from October to March, Nomad Centre & Art Gallery keeps the art and crafts lovers, learners and students engaged in its creative activities like exhibitions, training workshops, youth festivals and documentary screening, etc here at Saidpur Model Village.
The latest feather, however, is the Nomad Sunday Market. Needless to say it is a Sunday activity, and contrary to one’s guess it pulls large crowds like families, colleagues of Nageen Hayat (director) from civil society and rights groups, friends from diplomatic community and those who always look for time to spend some perfect time on an off-day.
Talking to Pakistan Observer Ms Hayat said the event in a way provides her opportunity to promote Pakistan’s rich heritage in the form of handmade embroidery works, artisans’ pieces of handicrafts, textiles, antiques and above all, delicious home-cooked delights at Nomad Café. And she is right as one could see small crowds of visitors, mostly foreigners selecting honey, cheese, vegetables from the organic farms in the outskirts of Islamabad and even burgers and sandwiches.
Food being provided here is pure, healthy, nutritious and hygienic therefore they are in demand, said a member of the Nomad team.
The activity in a way support those who grow vegetables and fruit in their organic farms, cultivators and shepherds who collect honey and other natural food in their areas and bring them to us, said Nageen.
It also provides some opening to the women artists, artisans and seamstresses whose work otherwise goes unnoticed and unrealized, she said. Every Sunday the ‘Nomad marketplace’ will remain open from 11 A.M to 8 P.M and one can get all one wants here regarding pure food, genuine art and artworks.
Nomad has been a great promoter for the cause of women empowerment and its director Nageen Hayat, the noted activist and artist has recently made headlines with her documentary ‘Posheeda Qadam’ (Hidden Step) on International Women’s Day. The documentary highlights the history of the struggle of women against domestic violence, cyber violence and discriminatory laws that affect women and minorities.

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