Hamza Shahbaz submits election expenditure’s details to RO


LAHORE : Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif on Friday submitted the details of election expenditures of NA-124 Lahore II to Returning Officer.

The details have revealing that an expense of Rs18,50,625 was spent on election campaign.

The Returning officer Shahid Bashir approved Shehbaz’s expenditure details.

The PML-N leader used Rs15 lac for publicity.

The RO has forwarded the election expense details to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) after approval.

ECP directs successful candidates to submit election expenditure details

The ECP had asked the candidates to send their expenditure information to the relevant Returning Officer (RO).

No candidate garnering victory in General Elections 2018 had submitted their expenditure details to the ECP yet.

The ROs had been given instructions by the ECP to fill out Form C and send the election spending details of all successful candidates within 10 days of polling.

On the contrary, non-successful candidates were directed to submit the said details within 30 days of polling.

The details include a statement of the bank account used for electioneering expenses, receipts of all spending incurred, a copy each of all material printed for campaigning purposes along with the name and contact information of the publisher.

A show-cause notice will be issued to the candidates by the RO who fail to comply with the directions of ECP.

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