Hamza advises IK to mend his ways

Salim Ahmed

Lahore—Central leader of PML-N, Hamza Shehbaz MNA has said that every Pakistani is grieved over deplorable incident in Karachi. He said that there is no room for those issuing statements against Pakistan.
He said first of all we are Pakistanis and no compromise would be made on Pakistan. Talking to media here today, Hamza Shehbaz said that Imran should mend his ways. He said that he got only two seats in Azad Kashmir due to his speeches in which he used indecent language.
He said it will not be justified to call it rally, what Imran Khan is doing in the name of rally. He said that people want solution of their problems and we will come up to the expectations of the people.
He expressed the hope that all problems including terrorism and load-shedding will be overcome and a new era of prosperity will usher in the country due to economic corridor.
Hamza Shehbaz said that people want results from Imran Khan in KPK while he talks of sit-ins and closer of cities.
He said Imran Khan should remember that Supreme Court has rejected his allegation of rigging. Hamza Shehbaz said it does not behove Imran Khan to talk of accountability by standing Jahangir Tareen on his one side who got his loans written off while on the other hand is land grabber Aleem Khan.
He said there is only hue and cry of change in KPK whereas problems of the people have not been resolved. He said media is witness to the fact that during local bodies’ elections in KPK a Minister took vote box along with him in the presence of police while Imran Khan was on visits in plane of Jahangir Tareen. Replying to a question, Hamza Shehbaz said that holding of safe Basant can be considered if a guarantee is given that no life will be lost.

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