Hamas leader pleads Trump to change US Palestine policy

Jerusalem—Khaled Meshaal, head of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, urged U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday to reconsider longstanding U.S. policy vis-à-vis the Palestine/Israel dispute.
Speaking from Doha via video-conference, Meshaal made the appeal in a speech he delivered to the International Forum of Youth for Jerusalem held Thursday in Istanbul.
Addressing the U.S. president-elect, Meshaal said, “There can be no stability in the [Middle East] region without recognizing the rights of Palestine”.
He added: “Now is the time to acknowledge that Israel has become a burden on you [the U.S.]… We call on you to treat fairly with the Palestinians and end your policy of overlooking Israel’s perpetual crimes.”
“It would be wrong of Trump to give the green light to Israel to do as it pleases in Palestine… We urge him to reconsider his country’s policy of unqualified bias towards Israel,” Meshaal said.—Agencies

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