Hallmark of law

Hashim Abro

Crimes grow and draconian customs thrive in our society. We have ample laws, bylaws, rules and regulations, more or less, on and about every subject or issue in our society, from health, hygiene, economy, environment, education, corruption prevention, killing in the name of honour, you name any matter of life and our society, but to no avail, no utility and efficacy of all these laws in books. No doubt, hallmark of law is its enforcement by some specific mechanism. Like many other students of law and political science, I strongly believe that “the law in action” is indeed “the living law”. May I remind our people in power and authority that crime and injustice become the fate of nation when there is no enforcement of law, alienation, atomization, frustration, polarizations and radicalization incredibly increases and country burns and bleeds?

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