Haleema murder case becoming complicated

Our Reporter

Karachi—The Haleema murder case is beginning to be complicated, as SS investigation, Hameed Baloch has changed the investigating officer for third time, raising speculations as to whether the case has been proceeding in right direction.
First the case was handled by Frere police station officer Arshan, but due his father’s death, he was replaced by Baloch Colony officer Nasrullah, but now that the case has begun to take new twists and turns, a third officer has been given its charge. He is Civil Lines inspector Hameed Khan.
Police has been puzzled by rapid changes in the investigation. First it had arrested Rizwan as alleged murders, who, went back on his earlier statement, saying it was secured under duress, and that he was innocent. Now he has named step brother Ansar of 4-year old child of deceased Abdullah, and his father Iqbal Chaudhury to be alleged murderer.

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