Hair transplanting quacks causing skin diseases

Scores of quacks are active in hair transplantation by offering low cost which is causing spread of skin diseases besides hepatitis in the country.
This was stated by a renowned surgeon of hair transplantation Dr Nasir of Hair Club International in an exclusive talk with APP here on Sunday.
He said that hair transplantation started the first time in the country in 1999 and desirous of hair transplant should contact a qualified cosmetic surgeon instead of quacks.
Responding to a question, Dr Nasir said that as many as 200 quacks were active in hair transplantation who were spreading skin diseases, face distortion and hepatitis disease. Often, people contacted with quacks due to less cost, he added.
To a question about real cost of safe hair transplantation, Dr Nasir said that its cost varies as per space where hairs were to transplant. However, its cost is from Rs40,000 to Rs125,000 usually in a safe environment ie. sterilised theatre by a qualified surgeon. Whereas quacks were doing hair transplantation in Rs20,000 to Rs25,000.
This low cost practise of quacks attracted desirous people but in the same time they were causing spread of diseases like hepatitis and skin ailments, he added.
Responding to a question, Dr Nasir said that over 100 qualified plastic surgeons were available in the country mostly in Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad to perform safe hair transplant who were also members of the Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan.
Meanwhile, another Surgeon of hair transplantation Dr Hanif Saeed urged the government to promote medical tourism, including hair transplantation, as this could also bring foreign remittances in Pakistan and would increase revenues.
Almost 200 foreigners visited different cities of the country every month for hair transplant which showed their trust on skills and capabilities of Pakistani surgeons.
He said that the Pakistani doctors were providing a world-class hair transplant service which was attracting foreigners. At present, almost 200 foreigners from Gulf countries,Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia visited Pakistan every month for hair transplant because this treatment in their countries was 10 times higher as compared to Pakistan, said Dr Hanif Saeed.—APP

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