Haier introduces 10-year warranty

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Haier has taken the market by surprise and at the same time upped the ante for the competition by doubling the warranty period on their new line of refrigerators. The announcement of a 10 year warranty, double the normal coincides with the introduction of 26 new models named the Turbo series.
The announcement came at the end of Haier’s annual Brand Seminar, which also saw the introduction of new models in most other categories of home appliances, including washing machines and air conditioners and the introduction of new kitchen appliances.
The turbo series is without doubt the most advanced refrigerators available and are the new industry standard for long term reliability, innovative design and features, and set extremely high bench marks for cooling depth, cooling efficiency and cooling retention, bench marks that, at the moment, no other brand on the market can even come near. In the air conditioning category, and in keeping with Haier’s position as the leader in DC Inverter Technology, several new models of air conditioners are being introduced with vastly improved energy saving and performance features.
The Washing Machine category sees the introduction of new machines, particularly in the fully automatic segment now available in twin drum configuration with increased load capacities ranging from 12 to 20 KG.
Haier’s Brand Seminar, is an annual stocktaking of the brand’s performance, future direction and capacity building to further enhance Haier’s leadership position in Pakistan.

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