Hafiz Saeed urges Pak govt to help oppressed IOK people


KHANEWAL : Ameer Jamat ud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed urged the government of Pakistan to help the oppressed people of Jammu-Kashmir.

He was addressing Nazriya Pakistan Conference held at Qasim Bagh here on Monday.

He said, Kashmir’s freedom movement is in its final phase. The Kashmiri nation is facing Indian state terrorism for decades. The martyrs are being buried in the Pakistani flag. Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of the creation of Pakistan, and the Kashmiris are struggling for it.”

He blamed India for the genocide in Jammu-Kashmir. “The freedom movement cannot be suppressed by detaining the leaders or by massacring the youth. Freedom movement has gained momentum. India will have to quit Kashmir.”

He accused India, America and Israel of plotting against Pakistan’s nuclear program. He said, “Indian PM Modi begged America for help to counter the Kashmir’s freedom struggle and said that Kashmir is getting out of India’s hands. The US President assured India for help. Then Israeli PM visited India for seven days, and the two leaders signed deals against Pakistan.”

He said that America and its allies attacked Afghanistan by the deceit of 9/11, but just like the USSR, they have suffered a clear defeat on the Afghan soil. They deemed Pakistan of their failure in Afghanistan. They are now trying to take revenge for their loss from Pakistan. They want to harm our nuclear program.

He further said that hurdles have been created in relief activities of JuD only over external pressure. “We have never done anything against the laws. The courts have cleared us dozens of times. Not even a single case is against us. We have won every case in the higher courts including the supreme court of Pakistan,” he asserted.

He vowed to stand Pakistanis over Pakistan’s ideology. “Muslims of the Subcontinent got this country on the basis of Two-nation theory. It is the need of the hour to unite the nation on the same theory.”

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