Habitual late billing by WASA

I want to draw the kind attention of Prime Minister of Pakistan that just like WAPDA, IESCO Islamabad, the most cruel key post holders/officers of WASA also have adopted a bad habitual routine to deliver Water Supply Bills just two or three days before due date. This time, WAWA has again delivered Bills to their consumers {Residents of Iqbal Town, Rawalpindi} on 24 Jun 2018 while the issue date of the bill is 14-06-2018 and due date of the bill is 28-06-2018.
It is also worth mentioning to say that most of the WASA consumers are the most serious patients of heart diseases. If such bad routine of late delivery of the bills to the WASA consumers has remained in practice in future also and if any consumer of WASA dies of heart attack, then it should be considered a murder case and an FIR can be registered against Managing Director of WASA at fault because it is the responsibility of the head of the Department to set right the most worst working position of all the sections of his Department in properly orderly way and in future, the Head of the department of WASA should deliver the Bills to their consumers just 15 Days before due date in a legal way through TCS Courier Service just like PTCL. It is hoped that Prime Minister of Pakistan will surely take drastic action against all the departments of utility billings of Pakistan and will set right the working position of WASA. Since he is not liable to please everyone like an elected PM, he can do the needful.
Iqbal Town, Rawalpindi

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