Gwadar project gets a boost

GWADAR project has surely received a boost as experts from Pakistan and China are working out a Master Plan to make Gwadar Smart Port City. According to details appearing in this newspaper, the objectives of the plan are to clearly identify Gwadar’s competitive advantages vis-à-vis regional ports and developing a business case for the port, its contribution to export led growth, market creation, industrialization, tourism and revenue generation.
This seems to be a comprehensive approach to develop Gwadar on sound lines and exploit its full potential as regional hub of commercial and trade activities. Once it becomes fully operational, Gwadar will fulfil the requirement of three strategically important regions the oil rich Middle East, heavily populated South Asia, Western China and the economically emerging resource-laden region of Central Asia. The Gwadar port is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenues and create at least two million jobs. It was because of its huge potential that Gwadar is axis of investment under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Though establishment of the deep seaport during Musharraf era despite intensive foreign pressure was a positive development but the country could not benefit from the project as allied facilities were not developed. Credit goes to the present Government, which is working on all fronts and according to reports issues relating to construction of Gwadar airport and East Bay Expressway have been sorted out with China and work on the two projects would begin during the next few months. We hope that the Master Plan studies would also be completed on fast track basis and its implementation would begin instantly. We also expect people of Balochistan to reject elements that are opposing development of Gwadar or construction of projects under CPEC as these have immense benefits for them and the country.

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