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Guilty US

THE United States has announced it would deny visas to members of the International Criminal Court involved in investigating the actions of US troops in Afghanistan or other countries. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington was prepared to take further steps, including economic sanctions, if the war crimes court goes ahead with any probe of US or allied personnel.
It is rightly said that the United States is at war with the ICC just to cover up its alleged war crimes in Afghanistan and to protect Israel that committed war crimes during 2014 war in Gaza Strip. Unlike 124 other states, the United States is not ratifying the Rome Statute to become a member of ICC and instead regards the court as ‘illegitimate”. Though successive US administrations adopted the same policy of non-cooperation with ICC but it is more so in the case of incumbent President, who has been a vocal supporter of certain torture methods as a way to combat terrorism. A 2016 report by ICC prosecutors that deals in part with the war in Afghanistan, allegations of serious crimes committed by U.S. military forces and the CIA, including “torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity, and rape.” The report also stated that the alleged crimes “were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals but committed in furtherance of a policy. The report was just a tip of iceberg and the full magnitude of what happened in Afghanistan could be assessed only after a thorough investigation and that is why the United States is creating hurdles in the way of the visit of the ICC member to Afghanistan. By blocking the visit through different tactics aimed at non-cooperation and non-facilitation, the US is lending more credibility to reports that its troops are guilty of large-scale war crimes and human rights violations in Afghanistan.