Growing incidence of drug menace

Muzna Khan

Use of intoxicants and drugs is so common today that it has become a world-wide problem. Neither the poor developing countries nor the rich affluent countries are free from this menace. In Pakistan, the malady of the use of drugs has come from the West. It has now assumed serious proportions. Drug addiction is fast catching hold of young Pakistani boys and girls. It is mainly confined to big cities Like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and IslamabadHostel for boys and girls in colleges and universities of the country are the homes of these drugs addicts. Most of the students start taking drugs as matter of fashion. But once they start ,they cannot stop their use.
It is pity big rackets of smugglers and anti-social elements go unchecked. The market is full of drugs called Valium, cocaine, heroin, crack, marijuana and meth, etc. Theseinduce different types of intoxication. Most of those who taking drugs are socially maladjusted people. Efforts must continue to drive out this evil from the country. The government should make use of all its media to educate the use of drugs should be put behind the bars. Smugglers and anti-social elements must be dealt with sternly. Guidance cells should be opened in all the universities in order to provide guidance to the frustrated youth in the country.

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