Growing discrimination

Areeba Abdul Qadir
Via eamil

Unfortunately, although being one nation, we have decided to divide ourselves and create walls in between us only on the basis of difference in status. We witness how we spend entirely different lives from each other being provided with different benefits on the basis of class we belong to.
The most devastating reality of our society is the way we treat our lower castes. They are the ones who are always struggling to get their basic necessities fulfilled without having any sort of luxury. Their children are spending a very dreadful life with no provision of education.
They are seen suffering from numerous diseases without any proper medication provided to them, which is mainly because of their unhygienic living conditions.
The ones we hire as our maids are treated with disrespect. We forget about the fact that we pay them for their services, which they provide dutifully. We should ponder over the fact that why are we treating them as if they have become our possessions? If we have been privileged with a very satisfactory life, then we should make sure to share it with less privileged.

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