Growing child abuse

It is not good omen for Pakistan – a country which had been established in the name of Islam and good societal ethos – is now wallowing into multifarious problems. Islamic teachings have been down sliding on a faster pace. There are several notorious and ugly events which have been occurring daily in the land of the pure! These incidents become the cause of shy and insult for whole of the nation. In Islam as well as in our society, there is a great respect for girl child. But unfortunately, there are also some conservative and narrow minded people who always try to hit hard the girl child. They harass children by using heinous acts. Girls are sexually and physically abused. Zainab murder case in Kasur is one of them. Recently, another incident like Kasur has been repeated in Larkana. A minor girl named Saima Jarwar was brutally killed.
These events have tarnished the image of this State of the Quaid internationally. If we want to stand up ourselves, we shall have to protect our children. They are the future of Pakistan. They are doctors, engineers, bureaucrats and politicians of future. The Government should take strict action against those people who are black sheep. The existing child protection laws must be implemented comprehensively. Child-parents awareness programs should be started. Children should be taught to immediately answer “NO” to strangers.
Khairpur Mirs Sindh

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