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Growers urged to avoid over use of chemicals for healthy rice

Amriaz Khan

Speakers at a seminar called upon the rice growers to avoid over-use of chemicals especially Tricyclazole and Buprofezin to ensure safe and healthy basmati rice from farm to fork.
The seminar was entitled as ‘Khushal Kissan’ organized by the Pakistan Basmati Heritage Association (PBHA). A large number of basmati growers from Narang Mandi Distt. Sheikhupura and members of the Association attended the meeting.
Former Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) Chairman Samiullah Naeem, Shahzad Chaudhry & Raja Arsalan attended the event. Pakistan Basmati Heritage Association (PBHA) has been formed for promotion and preservation of basmati rice heritage of Pakistan.
While moderating the seminar Imran Sheikh Coordinator PBHA highlighted the mission of PBHA and stressed the basmati rice farmers for avoiding overuse of chemicals especially tricyclazole and buprofezin in Basmati rice to ensure the safe and healthy basmati rice.
Shahid Tarar Convener PBHA shared the vision of the association (PBHA) regarding working to resolve the challenges being faced in Basmati rice production and export. He said our country is lagging behind not only in productivity of Basmati rice but the rising cost of production making us less competitive from other rice-producing countries.
Sheikh Adnan Director PBHA shares the expectations of PBHA from Basmati rice farmers and assured to provide healthy and certified seed on subsidized rate during this season.
Chief Guest of the seminar ZafarYab Haider Naqvi DG Pest Warning and Quality Control threw light on strategies of the Punjab Agriculture Department for controlling insects and pests of rice. He appreciated the mission and efforts of PBHA and assured his full cooperation on the behalf of Punjab Government. Asif Hayat Khan Niazi Zonal Manager Fuji Fertilizer Company shared his views about fertilizer application and importance of using potash, zinc and boron. Aftab Naseem Regional Manager FFC emphasized a balanced use of fertilizers especially Urea and its impact in boosting rice productivity, quality and profitability.
Dr Muhammad Sabir Director Rice research Institute KSK briefed the audience about research updates and development projects of Basmati rice. He elaborated the work on new varietal development of Basmati rice especially BLB resistant varieties. Dr Tahir Hussain Awan Rice Research Institute KSK shared his experience about Direct Seeding Rice and shared the set of new technology for weed management in DSR.