Grow up Bilawal

Javaid Bashir

It seems that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has not grown up as yet, at least politically, otherwise he would not be asking such an innocuous questions as “Why a person belonging to minority cannot become the President of Pakistan? The Simple answer is because the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan says so.
PPP’s young Chairman should read the Constitution again if he has not read it. It is the same Constitution that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto framed and approved by the consensus of all the political parties. The 1973 Constitution spells out the qualifications of the candidate for the President. He should acquaint himself with the provisions of this document. Bilawal should stop using such damaging rhetoric. He said, we do not want a separate Pakistan for Muslims and a separate Pakistan for the minorities. All the people struggled for the creation of Pakistan. People from different religions, races and sects participated in the Pakistan movement; they formed a united front against the British Rulers. He said, ‘People’s Party does not divide people on the basis of religion’. The rest of his speech was based on rhetoric devoid of reality. Pakistan is a pluralistic society and is proud of it. He sees two separate Pakistans for men and women; one for Benazir and the other for Musharraf. I think he is wrong in making such assumptions. He should understand that there is only One Pakistan that represents our aspirations.
It is inclusive, not divisive. It is for all not foe one. There is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, creed , sect or personality. I hope he will change his mistaken views and talk sensibly and avoid such statements. Grow up Bilawal, if you have political aspirations and ambitions.
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