Grow into your boots..!

I smiled with amusement this morning as I read that our HRD Minister Ms Smriti Irani had reacted angrily to a Bihar MLA who had written , ‘Dear Smriti Irani!’ “Since when have you started calling women as ‘dear’ wrote back Smriti angrily. Well, I’m a bit surprised that the honourable HRD minister doesn’t know this is a polite, courteous decent way of addressing a person while writing a letter! That in calling a person ‘dear’ in a letter, nobody is trying to get to close to her, nor getting affectionate, but is the way all grammar books in school and college, taught us to write to anyone and everyone, including ministers!
Do you wonder why the HRD minister reacted in this manner? When a man or woman is sure of himself or herself, are confident about themselves, they don’t look for insults, they don’t find offense in every small thing thrown their way. Oh no, they don’t!
But quite often a sense of insecurity makes people react to small, petty and trivial matters. Many have said Ms Irani is not educated enough to be the HRD minister, many say she is only a 12th standard pass, and the HRD post should have gone to a more qualified person. I do believe that because of this slight, the minister feels everybody is humiliating her, that in saying ‘dear’ they are being derogatory.
“How dare anyone call me ‘dear.’ You know who I am? I am Madam Minister!” could be what her mind is saying. From the minister I would go to our PM as he meets Presidents and Kings. Does the former chai-wallah feel small and insignificant in front of so many who are more sophisticated and educated than he? Not that I can see! He appears confident and exhibits a towering personality!
Though I do not agree with many of his policies, I have grudgingly grown to admire the way he has handled leaders of the world. Truly, he has overcome his own smallness and is a huge world figure. Many of us, go through the same problem. We have humble beginnings, or are less educated, and this comes in the way as we start doing better in life. We buy a Mercedes but act like Maruti owners! We make money, do well in business, but feel somebody is always insulting us.
Lift yourself up! Grow bigger! Stop looking for insults! Watch our PM! Stop reacting like our HRD minister! Sometimes we have to wear bigger boots, but as we put our feet into them my ‘dear’ reader, allow your ‘dear’ feet also to grow into those boots and fit the boots well..!
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