Groups clash leaves 3 dead in Khairpur

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Three people were killed and nine injured in a violent confrontation between Deobandi and Barelvi groups in Jani Burira village located in Kot Digi in Khairpur District on Thursday.
Participants in a Deobandi rally were reported to have fired upon a Barelvi rally being held to mark Eid Miladun Nabi at the Ameer Shah Chowk Jalo Picket, in the vicinity of the city’s Hussainabad Police Station, Senior Superintendent of Police Azfar Maheser said.
The deceased and the injured were shifted to a local hospital. The injured were identified as Noor Ahmed, son of Qadir Bux Buriro, 30; Liaquat Ali, son of Abdullah Buriro, 30; Dodo Khan, son of Ghulab Khan Buriro 19; Mohammad Suleman, son of Nek Mohammad Buriro, 50; Qurban, son of Abdullah Buriro; Ghulam Shabbir, son of Munir Ahmed, 19; Shahbuddin Dharejo, son of Ghulam Shabbir Dharejo, 27; and Imtiaz, son of Sobho Khan Katohar, 38.
Those killed in the incident were identified as Mushtaq Ahmed, Abdul Latif and Zulfiqar Buriro.
One of the injured, who is stated to be in critical condition, was shifted to Larkana from Khairpur.

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