Group show by women artists opens today

Islamabad—Reclaiming Identity – a group show of art works by Bilqis Ajam Tabani, Sabika Yusuf and Narmeen Javed will be on display here from March 21 featuring collection of three emerging artists from Karachi.
The exhibition will present a series of works in various mediums depicting their feelings and emotions about their surroundings.
All the works come together to narrate a story about the youth’s affinity to their homeland from various perspectives.
Bilqis Ajam Tabani is a Karachi based artist, Using found objects, such as flowers, feathers and cloth, in conjunction with her painted work is a common theme of her art. Her work revolves around how human focus on feelings, especially those towards where they are brought up. Positivity is something that she wants to bring to the forefront of the minds and of the psyche, as so many of us suffer from ill feelings that are a result of an unfocused mind. Through her work, she tries to force us to look at the world in a positive way and be in a peaceful and serene state of being, said the curator of the show.
Narmeen Gohar is truly inspired by the Pakistani culture, the beautiful sceneries and the wild life. Narmeen has been practicing art since she was very young. Her work is mostly about memories and Almighty’s beautiful creation. “Through my paintings, I share my memories. The figures in my paintings are usually white washed because I want the viewers to imagine themselves in the painting. Whenever we see a picture, we just notice the person in it, not the background. So, In my paintings I mainly focus on the background because the viewers can relate to it and the painting can give them a flashback of their past,” the artist said.
Sabika Yusuf’s work was inspired during a tedious, unrelenting, and consuming time in life, where perspectives gets ignored to the monotonous daily routine of life and leading one to lose sight of what’s important.—APP

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