Greenhouse gas emissions

Rabail Gandahi

The increasing concentration of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) is warming the earth’s atmosphere and the phenomenon is known as climate change. The main factors contributing to the global climate change are the polluted emissions by extreme burning of fossil fuels. Pakistan contributes small amount of overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; however, it also remains under impact of the negative effects of climate change. Pakistan, in particular is estimated to have raised carbon emissions from 76 million tons in 1994 to 200 million tons in 2008. It is estimated that CO2 emissions with an average increase of 6.7% annually, will produce to 484 million tons by 2020.
The transport sector is a significant contributor to Greenhouse gas emissions with an estimated 18 million tons in 1994.The sector will be dependable for the emission of 29 million ton carbon dioxide CO2 by 2020. While Pakistan is not expected to be a major player in global warming, however its energy based emissions are a major source of pollution and GHGs production. The major focus should be on the measures which can be taken to cope with the climate change. There should be increased excess to information concerning this global issue. The technological responses should be improved along with energy efficiency practices by changes in lifestyles and businesses.

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