Green passport ranking

Javaid Bashir

A few days ago I read a report about the ranking of freedom of travel for citizens of different countries of the world. Handlay & Partners, an international firm, has prepared a comprehensive report with the cooperation of IATA which has been publishing the report on the ranking of passports of different countries on a yearly basis since 2004. The countries decided in different categories are based on ease of travel to other countries. Germany, France, England Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark have been included in the 10 best passport countries’ list. According to the current year’s list Germany came first and its citizens can travel to 177 countries. Sweden took the second place with its citizens travelling to 176 countries. Passport holders of Britain, Finland, France, Italy and Spain came in the third place. America, Holland, Belgium, Denmark are in the fourth place. South Korea and Japan obtained the fifth place. In the worst countries of the world category Pakistan ranks second to the last at number 103 and Afghanistan in the last position at 104. India stands at 78th position. It’s quite shocking to see Pakistan’s lowest ranking in the world. During the 70’s, Green Passport holders were able to travel to America and most of the European countries without any visa. But today the situation is reverse and extremely bad as Green Passport holders can travel to only 36 less developed countries without Visa. Green Passport suffered loss in its prestige due to the Afghan refugees acquiring Pakistani Passports. They were caught travelling to other countries. As they were considered Pakistanis they brought bad name to Pakistan and its Green Passport, thus lowering the ranking of the Green Passport holders. These days Green Passport holders face stringent visa requirements on travel to most of the developed countries. I hope this worsening situation would be changed in near future and Green Passport holders would be welcomed in the rest of the world.

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