Greatness of sunlight

P Senthil Saravana Durai
Maharashtra, India

Right now it has been reported that a few Asian countries like India and Pakistan [to mention a few] have almost come under the excessive exposure to the Sun. We can call it a dry spell as part of the summer season [being the hottest]. Always, we all welcome the monsoon with a big smile. However, the scientific fact is that the sunlight is root cause of everything we have on Earth. The Sun gives light to the entire world without which the life on Earth will come to a halt. If possible, just see/observe this: In the early morning [even after sunrise], most of the leaves on the trees are in the sleep mode wherein the leaves are not fully open or they look inwards. But once the Sun has started rising up, the trees and their leaves too will rise up with leaves beginning to spread fully by then. That is greatness of the sunlight/Sun.
Of course, the beautiful phenomena such as the rain and the rainbow are the amazing effects of the Sun. That is why there has been the habit especially among Asians of worshipping the Sun – even till date. Furthermore when the Sun is set to go down in the evening, the people will start rushing up or just get ready after observing the darkness looming over the sky. Besides, the water scarcity is a big threat to the life of the human beings in the world. In fact such threats can be directly related to the happenings like deforestation and exploitation of the natural resources like sand, rivers and sea.
Even in those cases, no one can blame the Sun – for the bad things like monsoon failure or drought. Mostly these are all the results of the threats to the environment that must be protected at all costs. I always support the cause/ground for saving the natural resources like rivers and sea. Million and billion years on, the Sun still keeps on empowering the world and the Earth by giving light. In a similar way, the men and the world should learn lessons from the greatness of the Sun and act/work towards creating the good environment on Earth in the larger benefits of all.

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