Grass and garbage 

Almost all the lawns of the public sector offices, including  educational institutions, public parks are in bad shape in the Federal Capital Islamabad. Grass is nowadays the most widespread crop in the Federal Capital. No wonder, people in power and authority and their members of family are enjoying all comforts, perks and privileges but there are no funds or they have no time to ask their gardeners to keep and maintain lawns and gardens in front of offices.  History reveals that the British colonial masters and the Hindus and followers of other religions living in the provincial capital of Sindh, Karachi and in other cities, towns and villages before the partition of the subcontinent used to have craze or penchant for lawns and gardens and they left many captivating lawns and gardens. Many of these are either in deplorable condition or occupied by builder mafias, among others, to raise illegal buildings with a special focus on the construction of wedding halls or plazas to generate more garbage and pollution in and around.  My lovely city of Hyderabad was flanked by magnificent lawns and public parks but now unfortunately it has become a city of garbage and a breeding ground of mosquitoes, deadly viruses and bacteria. A nation, like ours, which ignores parks, gardens or damages them or it is collectively devoid of aesthetic sense but inclined to generate more and more garbage, one can easily predict what the future has in store for her (nation).HASHIM ABRO Islamabad

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