Grading system for new International GCSEs announced

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The United Kingdom (UK) Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England – Ofqual, announced a number of reforms to GCSE and GCE A level qualifications for students worldwide, including the introduction of a new 9-1 grading scale for GCSEs, with 9 as the top grade. As a result of education reform, all UK GCSE and Pearson Edexcel International GCSE qualifications in Pakistan will be following the new 9-1 grading scale.
A workshop on the “Pearson Edexcel Qualifications & New 9-1 Grading System” was organised by Pearson Edexcel on Tuesday in Islamabad for various centres offering these qualifications.
The leading private schools including Froebel’s International School, Roots IVY, Roots Millennium, Roots International, International Grammar, Murree Christian School, K&N Academy Karachi, Kohinoor Grammar Faisalabad, British International Schools Karachi, Cornerstone School Lahore participated in the workshop.
Roberta Thomson Director Product Management General Qualifications, Luka Hunter Academic Portfolio Manager who were visiting Pakistan from the UK head office, along with Premila Paulraj (Director Asia) introduced the new qualifications and new grading system to the senior officials of Edexcel approved academic institutions here today.
The new grading scale is being applied to the new suite of Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs, which have been refreshed and developed to World Class Qualification standards, include more support on developing transferable skills in students and have a richer range of support available for a greater number of subjects.
The new grading scale will enable greater differentiation of students both at the top end of the scale, with a new grade 9 rewarding top achievers with a grade recognised as higher than the current A*, and in the middle of the scale, with grades 4, 5 and 6 replacing the current C and B grades.
Global Higher Education Institutions are changing their acceptance criteria to align with the new grading scale, and therefore Pakistani students achieving grades on the new scale will be able to compete with other students internationally. The workshop explained in further detail how the numeric grading scale will work and its benefits for students in Pakistan.

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