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Govt’s right focus on tribal districts

IT is heartening to see that both the federal and provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are giving due importance to the development of tribal districts in order to bring them into the national stream and achieve the true objective of their merger with the KP.
A few days back, Prime Minister Imran Khan was in Jamrud where he once again reaffirmed commitment for the development of tribal districts and announced that one hundred billion rupees will be spent annually on them for the next ten years which indeed is a massive package and if implemented in letter and spirit can change the entire landscape of tribal areas in terms of development. Then on Monday, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan fulfilled the longstanding demand of the merger of Khasadar and Levies into police. Both the forces indeed have given unprecedented sacrifices in the war on terror and their merger into police will greatly benefit their personnel as this will entitle them to take the salaries drawn by other police personnel. In addition, the Chief Minister also launched a school enrolment drive in Khyber district saying the government has set the target of enrolling 800,000 out-of-school children during the current year. Indeed these are steps in the right direction to remove the sense of deprivation of tribal people. Focus needs to be given specially to the construction of schools, colleges and health facilities in the tribal districts as well as providing livelihood opportunities to them. These are the tribal people who left their homes to pave way for the military operation against the terrorists. As peace stands restored in the area, the people there now require a healing touch to ensure that the areas do not fall again into the trap of militancy and terrorism. As the federal government has envisaged a massive development package for tribal areas, it is also responsibility of all the other provinces to make contribution to their uplift. Whilst finalizing the next National Finance Commission Award, the provinces should generously open their hearts for the development of tribal districts. This will also give the message of unity and greater harmony amongst the federating units.