Govt will intensify highlighting Kashmir issue: Masood


Ali Raza

Muzaffarabad—The Joint Session of AJK legislative assembly and council was held in Muzaffarabad on Thursday. Speaker LA Shah Ghulam Qadir presided. Addressing the session, President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan said that “Kashmir is foremost and top priority of AJK government for which we will use all our energies to forcefully highlight it on diplomatic fronts. We will intensify lobbying with North American countries, OIC and gulf countries to garner their support” he said.
UNSC resolutions elaborate in unequivocal terms that elections in India-held Kashmir or any step of so-called constitutional assembly cannot be alternate to the free and impartial plebiscite held under the supervision of United Nations and does not reflect the opinion of people of J&K, he added. He said mandate of right to self-determination is applicable even today as it was in 1947.
He pointed out that that UN clearly admitted the right to self-determination of people of J&K through its resolutions from 1948 to 1958 and elaborated a modus operandi letting the people of Kashmir determine their future through a free and impartial plebiscite. Mr. Khan observed that India as a forcible occupier had been violating Geneva Conventions and its joint article-3 that clearly and strictly prevents violence against a life and individual, all kinds of massacres, inhuman treatment, amputation of body parts, making hostage and attack against one’s honour or dignity.
He said “if there was an armed resistance in IHK India was bound to follow the laws of war to tackle it. India was trampling all principles”. Mr. Khan said “Kashmir was once again burning and bleeding and was passing through worst crisis of its history.
Males, females, elderly and children are being slaughtered in their own soil by the security forces. They are being handicapped; their vision being damaged and they are being tortured and persecuted.
More than 90 Kashmiris had been killed, 100 turned blinded and more than 10,000 injured by the use of pellet guns. The plebiscite could not be held as yet due to intransigence of India”. He said that by imposing curfew in held territory India was trying to suppress the freedom of expression and to crush the indigenous liberation movement which aimed to achieve right to self determination.
He expressed deep dismay at the lukewarm response of the international community to the recent killings and acts of persecutions and gross and consistent violations of human rights by India in occupied Kashmir.
He also recalled his six point agenda to be adhered to for resolving Kashmir dispute. He also eulogized Prime Minister Sharif and Haider for reposing confidence in him and assured that he would spare no effort to come up to their expectations.
He said Sharif had effectively raised his voice and made clear his principled stand on Kashmir adding that he also informed UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon about the deteriorating situation in IHK through a letter. He also lauded the role of armed forces of Pakistan for defending the ideological and geographical fronts of the country.—Email

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