Govt transmits confusing signals

AS PTI and its allies are hell-bent to make their plan of sealing Islamabad on November 2 a success, the Government seems to be in a state of utter indecision and confusion as no response is in sight to ward off the challenge. All this sends dismaying signals to the masses especially the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi who faced similar disturbances in 2014 as well.
It is duty of the Government to take preventive measures to safeguard interests, life and property of the citizens. It is also important that authority of the Government must be upheld under all circumstances. In this backdrop, one fails to understand as to why the Government has adopted an attitude of indifference. The authorities are either over-confident or they have no idea as how to tackle the emerging situation despite numerous options available to the Government. If few political players try to paralyse a city then why the state cannot ensure routine life despite all sorts of resources available to it. No one is asking the Government to use brutal force as such recourse could prove dangerous but there are other political and administrative options that can work. No doubt, there are always ifs and buts in every situation but the Government has capable brains to have in-depth analysis of the situation and come out with a clear-cut strategy that sparks confidence among masses. The Government should have embarked upon an aggressive campaign to enlist support of other political parties that are keen to go to any extent to frustrate designs of these elements but the way authorities are establishing contacts with the opposition conveys the impression of a mere formality. Similarly, the Government has legitimate reasons to take measures to prevent gatherings at any entry or exit points of the capital especially when PTI organisers have declared their intentions. Therefore, instead of churning out statements and indulging in blame game, practical steps should be taken to maintain peace and security.

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